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The Marmite Prize for Painting, 2008
Installation view, The Marmite Prize for Painting II, studio1.1, 2008

The Marmite Prize for Painting II was dedicated to the artist Oliver Kossack and had an along the ceiling hang.

Dedicating the prize this year to a more personal choice, the Leipzig-based painter Oliver Kossack, his work seen and admired in Budapest, had a different, and more personal outcome. First a phone message from a man saying
'My name is Oliver Kossack and I've been told the Marmite Prize has been dedicated to me. Or my namesake. Do you know the reason for that?'
Right. Is he going to ask for his name to be removed from this questionable enterprise?

Here's his follow up email -
'I herewith embrace to the utmost the honour of having this year's Marmite Prize dedicated to me. That's quite good.
I think we should meet, for I am dedicated.
How about I come to the opening?
Even if you don't mean me, I would love to meet my namesake(s) on that occasion.
Best from Leipzig, German Democrazy Republik.

Oliver Kossack'

Keran James, Essay that goes at the start of the Catalogue, The Marmite Prize , 2008


studio1.1, London (November 2008)

Prize Winners:

Dai Roberts
Dai Roberts, IAO
Paint on plywood, 40 x 30cm each, 2007

Winner: Dai Roberts
Runners-up: Eve Peasnall, David Drey

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Exhibiting Artists:

Iain Andrews, Jeff Asan, Richard Bateman, Karl Bielik, Christopher Bond, Alex Bowen, Ruth Calland, Graham Carrick, Herzog Dellafiore, Freya Douglas Morris, David Drey, Louisa Durose, Howard Dyke, Andrew Ekins, Pippa Gatty, Edmund Goubert, Paddy Gould, Kate Groobey, Alex Hamilton, Stephen Harwood, Alex Heaton, Sarah Jane Hender, Russell Herron, Adam Holmes Davies, Velika Janeva, Vineta Kaulaca, Kounosuke Kawakami, Kate Lyddon, Marisol Malatesta, Kevin Mason, Hugh McCarthy, Eleanor Moreton, Flore Nove-Josserand, Eve Peasnall, Kes Richardson, Dai Roberts, Benjamin Senior, David Small, Zachary Stadel, Christopher Stevens, Dana Suckling, Edward Todd, Gavin Toye, Ross Walker, David Ben White, George Williams, Nicola Williams, William Wright, Michaela Zimmer

Selectors & Judges:

The works for exhibition were shortlisted by The Marmite Prize for Painting curators Marcus Cope and Stephanie Moran and studio1.1 Co-Directors' Keran James & Michael Keenan.

Following the initial shortlisting of works for exhibition the works were judged by:

Michele Fletcher
Milly Thompson (BANK)
Liz Neal

The Prize:

The Marmite Prize for Painting II winner, Dai Roberts won a specially commissioned marmite artwork, made and very kindly donated by Carina Thoren.